Survivor begins idol talk as Blindsides take place

Survivor begins idol talk as Blindsides take place

Last night’s Survivor episode had more twists and turns then Game of Thrones.

After saying goodbye to Bianca, the Sanaapu tribe arrived back at camp relieved but also unsettled. Feeling the physical effects of the game, Peter questioned his future in the camp, while Kylie was concerned that she was on the outer of a powerful five-person alliance.


When Tree Mail arrived at the camps, two members of each tribe were faced with a moral dilemma as Immunity Idol clues were introduced to the game. Ultimately each pair chose to deceive their tribe to further their advantage in the game.


At Saanapu, Matt, Sam, Conner, Flick and Brooke made the mistake of sending Peter and Kylie to retrieve their tribe’s Tree Mail. But the five-strong group soon realised their mistake in sending the only two tribe members outside of their alliance.

At Aganoa, Evan was suspicious of Rohan and Phoebe’s awkward explanation about how they collected the Tree Mail. Hoping to confirm his doubts, Evan retraced his tribe mates’ steps for any evidence that Rohan and Phoebe were lying. Surprisingly, Evan found the clue itself, carelessly dropped by Rohan on his return to camp.

Tegan and Nick from Vavau took a more strategic approach on their return from Tree Mail, delivering misleading instructions in the form of a poem to throw their tribe off the scent. Once it became clear that his tribe mates were on to him, Nick panicked and came clean

Despite the tension in each tribe, tonight’s Reward Challenge required them to put their differences aside and work together.

In an action-packed canoe race followed by the balancing of blocks on top of each other as they built a tower, Kylie shone for the Saanapu tribe, earning them a tarpaulin. Later at the Immunity Challenge, a gruelling physical game of speed and balance saw all three teams pushed to breaking point. The most intense battle was fought at the end, as  players struggled to solve a puzzle. Unfortunately for Aganoa, Evan and Kat could not bring home the victory and found themselves on the chopping block at Tribal Council.


Back at Aganoa, Phoebe got to work encouraging her tribe to eliminate Evan, while Lee and Rohan pushed to send Kat home.

Despite opposition from natural leader Lee, Phoebe’s scheming was successful and Evan received five votes at Tribal Council, marking the end to his time on Australian Survivor.

Learning his time in Samoa was over, the 29-year-old high school teacher told Rohan “Use the idol well”, believing it was in his possession.