A Survivor Sends himself home


At Aganoa, Phoebe was emerging as the puppet master behind Evan’s departure. With key roles in both the all-female alliance with El, Kat and Kristie and separately with El, Lee and Rohan, Phoebe was very much in control of her entire tribe.

Armed with their clue, Rohan and Phoebe began their search for the Immunity Idol. When Rohan uncovered the Idol, he decided to keep it for himself, breaking his deal with Phoebe that she would hold the Idol on behalf of the alliance. With her trust broken, Phoebe had her claws out for Rohan.

At Saanapu, Peter was struggling, but his tribe’s fondness for him meant they were not willing to eliminate him. With Kylie feeling like an outsider in Saanapu, Peter helped her search for the Immunity Idol. Despite almost standing on it, the pair came away empty-handed.


At Vavau, Nick and Tegan were still in hot water after lying to the tribe about their Immunity Idol clue. Nick attempted to use his knowledge of the Immunity Idol’s whereabouts to form an alliance with Sue, Jennah-Louise and Craig. But once trust is lost on Australian Survivor, it is very difficult to get back.

In the  Immunity Challenge, the pressure was on for Aganoa, who had already lost two members of their tribe.

The challenge started with a test of strength, speed and endurance. With a colossal performance by Lee, Aganoa had the lead as Phoebe and Rohan began the puzzle stage of the challenge. But puzzles are Aganoa’s weakness and it was not long before they were beaten by Saanapu and Vavau.

Back at camp, Phoebe was once again in control of tribal politics as the manipulator of both alliances. While the female alliance was strong, Kat’s poor performance in the challenges made her an easy target. But after keeping the Immunity Idol for himself, Rohan was quickly losing the trust of the other members of his alliance.

With Rohan’s deceit outweighing Kat’s poor performance, the tribe agreed to blindside Rohan by voting him out of Aganoa. But Kat still felt uncertain about her future in the tribe.

As Rohan, Kat and their tribe were marching toward their third Tribal Council, 62-year-old Peter was making moves over at Saanapu.

After fighting a bug for 12 days, the air traffic controller made the difficult decision to leave Australian Survivor, explaining to Jonathan: “This [decision] didn’t come in a flash. I have a big responsibility to the tribe but I have a lot of responsibility to myself in terms of health for my family.”

With Aganoa prepared to eliminate another member of their tribe, they each opened up to Jonathan about the day’s events, pointing fingers, placing blame and, in Kat’s case, shedding tears. Jonathan then broke the news of Peter’s departure, before revealing that there would be no further eliminations tonight.

While the members of Aganoa expressed relief at their team staying intact, they admitted to being nervous about the tension and lack of trust that would follow