Survival Sundays On Discovery Is The Ultimate Destination For Extreme Adventure

When it comes to the survival and adventure genre, no one does it quite like Discovery. Over the years we’ve put some of the world’s toughest survivalists through groundbreaking challenges, defying the feats of Mother Nature and testing the extreme limits of human endurance. Now, Survival Sundays brings you some of Discovery’s ultimate survival shows and the biggest names in the game with two hours of survival content 

Food, water, shelter – and clothing – are nowhere in sight in one of the more unique survival challenges. Roughing it and toughing it out doesn’t get more extreme than Discovery favourite Naked and Afraid (Sundays from 2 August at 8:30pm)as survivalists from around the world opt to take on a 21-day challenge like no other. Set against the most punishing environments to date, the series highlights the dangers of the wilderness in a true test of skill, resolve, and strength of character. This season spans five continents, including shark-filled waters off the Bermuda Triangle, snake-infested jungles in the Philippines and the frozen peaks of the American North. Also, the first ever sibling pairs enter the challenge, including identical twin sisters Amber and Serena Shine from New Zealand. They must survive the elements – and each other – as tensions run high and bonds are tested like never before.

Of course, what would Survival Sundays be without one of the most recognised faces of survival and adventure – Bear Grylls. Into the Wild with Bear Grylls (Sunday 9 August at 9:30pm) sees the ultimate outdoorsman take some of India’s most well-known celebrities on a survival trip in the jungle. In this episode, watch Bollywood superstar Rajinikanth take on challenging stunts, such as crossing a decaying bridge with a 15m drop with only a rope for support and wading through a crocodile-filled body of water.

Plus, we revisit the first season of Ed Stafford: First Man Out where the explorer competes against other survival experts in challenges that test their l skills and has them risking life, limb and reputation; Naked and Afraid XL which follows 12 veteran survivalists as they endure 40 days and 40 nights in some of the world’s harshest environments, and so much more!

Survival Sundays is a visual pocketbook full of tips, tricks, and sometimes a lesson in what not to do, from some of the most elite adventurers around as they embark on entertaining – and extreme – challenges across the globe.

Survival Sundays 

Stream or watch Sundays from 2 August from 8:30pm on Discovery


Naked and Afraid | Season 6

Stream or watch Sundays from 2 August at 8:30pm on Discovery


Into the Wild with Bear Grylls

Stream or watch Sunday 9 August at 9:30pm on Discovery


Ed Stafford: First Man Out

Stream or watch  Sundays from 16 August at 9:30pm on Discovery