New RBT Returns to Wednesdays

New RBT Returns to Wednesdays

Go behind the lines of the South Australian Police force and their random breath testing operations with all new RBT begins tomorrow night.

From major roadside drink-driving operations and mobile breath testing to high-speed pursuits and drivers under the influence of drugs, Season 13 of RBT, narrated by Andrew Daddo, will again capture all the drama and danger that police face every day in their relentless campaign against drink driving.

In tonight’s episode, “Early Knock Off”, Mark squeezed in 2 hours of drinking after knock-off before heading home, but will 4 mid-strength beers in two hours see him headed to the danger zone?

22-year-old Dylan is clocked by the police chopper speeding at 165kms an hour leaving officers wondering why he was in such a rush, and when a driver pulled over by the Police says he’d “had a fight with the missus” and went out to spin the pokies, a car search reveals a jackpot of trouble.

Hear these, and other extraordinary stories from drivers up to no good on our roads and witness the patience of the SA Police, when RBT returns with new episodes, Wednesday, July 8 at 7.30pm on Nine.