Big Brother farewells another housmate

Big Brother farewells another housmate

Last night Big Brother celebrated a milestone.

Chad and Sophie celebrated their one-month anniversary with a champagne breakfast for two. As she watched their bond deepen, Casey expressed concern at how much of a threat the lovebirds were becoming.

Remote Control – Big Brother controlled housemates’ every move, able to fast forward, rewind, pause, play and put them in slow motion. If the house task was deemed a success, their reward would be burgers for lunch. If they were unwilling to relinquish control, they would fail they succeded and got burgers for lunch.

Step On It – Housemates had to place their hands on two discs on top of their own personal gameboard. There were six discs at their feet. On Big Brother’s command they had to place their feet on the two assigned discs, holding until Big Brother specified a new position. If at any time they slipped or let go of the discs, they were out of the challenge. The last housemate with their feet on the gameboard won the power to nominate two housemates for eviction.

Casey won the challenge but she decided to play the long game, nominating Kieran and Marissa for eviction. Marissa scrambled hard but it wasn’t enough and she exited the house.

Marissa Rancan, Sydney – “I’m 61 but I know I’ve been a strong contender in this game. That’s a good thing but it’s also a bad thing. I can’t believe I’m out. The game has turned up to extra hot. Dan, Mat and Casey are coming for Sophie and Chad. There’s $250,000 on the line. I just want to say, guys, watch out!”