Noughts + Crosses Review

Noughts + Crosses Review

Today Binge premieres the timely Noughts + Crosses.

Based on the novel series by Malorie Blackman, Nought + Crosses, transports us to an alternate world history where power dynamics are different to our own. 700 years prior, African nations combined to form the “Aprican” Empire, colonising Europe putting the poorer White Europeans, the Noughts, under the control of wealthy Africans, the Crosses.

We follow Cullum McGregor (Jack Rowan), a Nought who is enjoying a night out with his brother Jude (Josh Dylan) and best mate Danny (Charlie Chambers), when an incident with police changes one of their lives forever.

Also central to this story is Sophy (Masali Baduza), a Cross and the very privileged daughter of Home Secretary Kamal Hadley (Paterson Joseph), who employs Callum’s mother Maggie (Helen Baxendale) as a cleaner. The two young friends are reunited at a birthday party for Mrs Hadley (Bonnie Mbuli) where Callum is serving drinks, and their chemistry is undeniable. In a world where interracial love is forbidden, will these two find a way to be together?  

Lydia Adetunji, who pens the first two episodes offred for this review, sets the world ablaze with an opening moment that is hard to forget. The world building is fantastic, and each character is given ample time on screen to draw you in.

Casting-wise, Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza make it so easy to invest in their chemistry and relationship. A shoutout must also go to Paterson Joseph who plays the role of a complex villain and doting father so well. Josh Dylan is also one to watch as the story develops.

Noughts + Crosses may be set in an alternate universe, but it is still very much reflective of our own world today.

4 Stars


Noughts + Crosses premieres on Binge today.