Surströmming Spewed As Seven Stars Scored    

Surströmming Spewed As Seven Stars Scored    

And so the farewells in camp continued, this time with Pete Helliar leaving the South African jungle behind.

As ANZAC Day dawned, the celebs held a minute silence and stood for the Last Post, with Pete reciting The Ode. As they made ANZAC biscuits the campmates shared stories and what the day meant to them.

Now, we all know Aesha is the queen of unclean, but no one expected her dirty habits to rub off on the other campmates! With Adam and Liz the only celebs actually changing their underwear daily, Nathan revealed he’s even stopped brushing his teeth and Woody was thankful for the camp fire smoke and it’s masking smells ability .

Departed Dom sent Harry, Liz and Pete to the unhappy hour of Dive Bar where they had to down extra special bar snacks and cocktails. Dr Chris Brown even got in on the action, shooting fermented herring under the guise of a Surströmming shot. Proving it really was horrendous, the good doctor left set and was spotted in the bushes puking his guts up. Seven stars for camp all round.

Recovering in time to appear alongside Julia Morris, the hosts entered camp and revealed that unfortunately it was time to farewell everyone’s favourite comedian Peter Helliar.

From creating the groundbreaking jungle duo The Flaming Ducks alongside Aesha to revealing he has a true friend in Rove McManus, the sun set on another celebrity’s time in camp.

Tomorrow night all celebrities will take part in the Help From Friends trial and another campmate will close the chapter on their time on the jungle.


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