LEGO Masters Grand Masters Celebrates 100 Years of Disney

LEGO Masters Grand Masters Celebrates 100 Years of Disney

The Grand Master teams arrive to find a stunning castle as the centrepiece of LEGO®Masters HQ. The Disney fans quickly realise this is in fact, a LEGO®build of Cinderella’s castle. Hamish reveals today it is all about Disney, celebrating 100 years of the well-known and loved brand, the Walt Disney Company. The teams must bring to life six iconic scenes from six iconic Disney films.  

The teams are mesmerised when Hamish reveals today’s magical Disney Brick Pit. Each team will be judged on their ability to capture the emotion of the scene.  Brickman makes it clear that there are to be no moving parts or mechanisms used today, builds must be based on pure storytelling.

As current holders of the Grand Brick, David & Gus have the ‘Grand Power’ with their advantage today being to allocate the movies to each team.  They choose for themselves Peter Pan, give Joss & Henry Moana, they hand Ryan and Gabby Frozen, Caleb and Alex get Toy Story, Andrew and Damian are handed Up, and Scott and Owen receive Fantasia.The pressure is on to honour the films everyone loves.  One team will win the Grand Brick, while teams at this stage are still unsure if today will be an elimination.  They have 10 hours to complete the build.

Alex & Caleb are excited by Toy Story and choose ‘the Claw’ scene from the movie. It’s a complex scene, brave Buzz Lightyear has been picked up by the claw, Woody is stuck in the machine with crazed aliens, trying to work out how to save the day.

Scott & Owen have Fantasia and are stoked. The first thing that comes to their minds when thinking of this movie is the mop sequence. But, worried about scale they choose the lesser-known scene involving Mickey in a dream sequence on top of a rock.

Joss & Henry are big fans of Moana and are pumped to get started on their build. They have chosen the iconic scene from the movie where Te Ka faces off with Moana. They build Te Ka very quickly and are thrilled at their build so far.  They decide on adding a Moana mini doll to build too.

Andrew & Damian agree on the memorable scene in Up where Carl is in his house and finally lets the balloons out and it’s ‘lift off’. Initially, concerned about the engineering challenges of building a house looking like its being lifted by many balloons, Brickman confirms their fears when he tells them that even he struggled to build the same scene.   The Balloons are going to be their biggest challenge.

Owen moves quickly to get the emotion in Mickey’s face and is happy with his creation. Brickman visits the boys and is unsure why they didn’t pursue the mop scene as that is the most memorable from Fantasia. The boys are deflated but agree and Owen obliterates his build. Three and a half hours into the build, they must start again.

David & Gus have Peter Pan and choose the climax scene where Hook faces off with Pan on the top of a mast of a ship. They focus on the faces and poses, and the characters come to life quickly.

Gabi & Ryan are building a scene from Frozen. Ana is pushing a carrot to create a nose for Olaf the snowman. The pressure is on to build the hero character! 

Brickman visits Joss & Henry and is concerned that the emotion of Moana will not be captured on a mini-doll and advise they should opt for a build of Moana instead. They take Brickman’s advice and change tack.  

Brickman stops by Andrew & Damian’s workstation and during the build they become emotional once finalising the character of Carl and his house. They love what the movie represents and understand first-hand the importance of second chances and that’s what Grand Masters is to them, their second chance!

Racing against the clock, Scott & Owen use “cheap tricks” to finally get the build complete.

The teams are treated to a surprise visit from the one, the only Mickey Mouse. He inspires the Grand Masters and gives them the motivation and spark to complete their builds.

Alex works hard to create 23 mini aliens, while Caleb focuses on Buzz and Woody. They realise the challenge is about capturing the emotion, so focus their attention on Woody’s facial expressions.   Although Damian admits the balloons are driving him “insane”, the duo work diligently to create the perfect structure to integrate the balloons into the scene.   In the final hours, Brickman advises Gus to work harder on Hook’s teeth and snarl. Gus agrees and makes the improvements, realising at Grand Masters these little adjustments can make or break a build.

In the final hour Henry, accidently drops their newly created Moana and must start again – the brothers are very worried about how they will be able to fix it.

As the judging commences, Brickman loves David & Gus’s emotive build and is impressed by the amazing recognisable faces.  Next up is Scott & Owen, Hamish questions the scale of the build but due to the lost time, Brickman feels Scott & Owen’s detail in the build does not measure up to the other builds and is full of ‘cheap tricks’.  Brickman is impressed with Ryan & Gabby’s wonderful creation and the pose of Olaf gets a snowy tick  of approval from him and says Ana is spot on! 

After 10 hours of building, Alex & Caleb are thrilled with their efforts.  Hamish & Brickman also love it, especially the tilted effect of the aliens, comments on the accuracy of Woody and Buzz’s faces.  Brickman is super impressed with Andrew & Damian’s Carl character and “holy smokes” they figured out the balloons and captured the moment of the launch.  Brickman thinks it’s ‘absolutely awesome’, capturing the moment and the story.  Last up for judging is Joss & Henry.  Hamish is impressed with the finished build as is Brickman.  Brickman believes the build is unbelievable and comments on Joss & Henry’s incredible skill-level trajectory in this competition.

So impressed by all the builds, Hamish & Brickman decide the efforts are so good, that there will not be a bottom two and therefore no elimination today.

In the end, the Top 2 are Henry & Joss and David & Gus. But it’s David & Gus’ Peter Pan build who takes home the win and The Grand Brick – their second win in a row.


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