Nat’s weekend getaway ends in heartbreak

Nat’s weekend getaway ends in heartbreak

Tonight, the Farmer Wants A Wife Country Games saw farms go head-to-head in a bid to win the most romantic date yet.

As the getaway continued, the arrival of co-host Natalie Gruzlewski’s new ladies left Farmer David wondering how the existing ladies would handle the pressure: “It’s going to be really interesting to see how they react, because this is not the same pressure as a hail storm or a drought.”

Farmer Andrew’s lady Claire expressed: “I think it’s weird. How do you welcome someone that the guy that you’re wanting to date brings to meet?”

With five new ladies on the scene, competition for precious alone time was intense as Nat revealed the farmers would select one lady each for a solo date by the time the getaway was over.

Leah, who was yet to have a date with David, was on cloud nine when he indicated that she could be next: “Knowing that time will come for the two of us hopefully on the next date is a really wonderful feeling.” 

When Frankie finally got Brenton’s attention, the conversation didn’t go as she expected: “If that’s how he feels then that’s how he feels and I don’t really want to be with someone if they don’t want to hundred percent be with me,” she said before choosing to leave.

The next morning began with some good old-fashioned fun in the form of country games, and Nat pushed the love stakes sky-high with the ultimate prize for the winning farmer and his lucky lady: the most romantic 24-hour date ever.

David’s farm took the victory, but Leah was left heartbroken when Emily was selected for the date instead: “I was definitely shocked by his choice. I thought that Dave was going to choose me for the date tonight.” 

The other farmers then selected their ladies for the solo dates:

Farmer Andrew: Claire

Farmer Brad: Morgan

Farmer Brenton: Rachel

Farmer Matt: Chelsea


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