LEGO Masters Grand Masters Explosions In Motion

The Grand Masters teams arrive to find LEGO®Masters HQ awfully quiet, not a clue in sight. And this has them on edge. Eyes wander as Hamish asks the teams if they’d like a nice quiet build – then bang…..explosives are set off behind Hamish and Brickman, sending shock waves right through the studio and through the contestants. Today, our teams are given three explosive charges and are challenged to create a Hollywood movie scene. They need to include a moving element in their build, and when the time is right, their explosive charges will set off in ultra-slow motion to create the ultimate action-packed movie scene. With only nine hours to build, our teams are quick to jump to their benches and get started.

Scotty & Owen quickly decide they want to build a train but realise that train lord supreme, Ryan, is also building a train too. Resolved to the fact that they can’t build a train as good as Ryan can, the boys are quick to back down and come up with a new idea.

Ryan & Gabby take full advantage of this challenge and Ryan’s experience with trains to build a Gem Train Explosion. The moving element of this build is the train, that is comes powering out of a mountain side. Miners have been mining this mountain for beautiful gems, but the local jungle warriors are fed up and are determined to shut down this operation – with explosives.

Scott & Owen decide on a Pirate’s Robbery, with a pirate saboteur man swinging off the colonial ship as the explosion takes place. The boys quickly realise that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew with the size of this build, but they’re determined to stick to their idea and vow for no more ‘Scotty Smashes’ or ‘Owen Obliterations’.

Andrew & Damian are very quick to decide on their idea – a classic Prison Break. These prisoners have found an escape vehicle, and are planning to break through the gates, past the police and out to freedom.

Joss & Henry build The Rocker. It’s the only build to have two mechanisms – the boys are determined to have their rocker slide forward on a stage, then strum a single cord that will trigger the speakers to explode.

Alex & Caleb are off to a rough start this challenge – struggling to come up with an idea initially and their vibe is low, the team decide on building The Alien.Humans have settled on a foreign planet and discovered a massive Alien rising from the ground. To protect themselves, the humans have sent in 3 spaceships to lay explosives into the Alien and are escaping away at the last minute.

David & Gus build Robot City Destruction.An evil robot is about to descend over a city, destroying everything in its path, including a massive gate that sits in front. The boys are banking on the gate that sits in front of the robot to explode – because if it doesn’t, we’ll never be able to see the robot, and without the robot they’ll have no story. But if there’s time to take a risk like this – it’s while they’re holding the brick.   Timing is everything in this build!

In true Scotty & Owen form, the boys quickly build their big Pirate Ship, but procrastinate over working out the swinging mechanism until prompted by Brickman.  After a disagreement on explosive placement, Ryan & Gabby ultimately come to an agreement and decide on building trees to support the bridge and explosives.  Alex & Caleb struggle to imagine a concept that involves explosives, and don’t decide on their explosive placement until later in the build – which ultimately is to their own detriment.

Once Owen works out the tricky mechanism, Hamish ups the ante and challenges the boys to not only have the saboteur swing, but also dethatch and swing away from the build entirely. In the last 30 minutes the boys rush to achieve this additional element!  Time is ticking!

Andrew & Damian, build the escape vehicle as a yellow bus, mechanised to break through the prison gates.  To complete the story, ideally the bus will escape and not explode for successful prison break.

As judging commences, Hamish & Brickman are blown away by everyone’s builds.  Andrew & Damian are up first, the level of detail is exceptional, and Hamish calls it a ‘well-built jail’.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go to plan with the bus exploding mid bridge and mini figs blowing up in the air everywhere.  Next up are Gabby & Ryan and when it comes time to explode their build, Brickman is stoked with the result, stating that it looked like an actual movie scene!  David & Gus’s gamble pays off, with the wall exploding in spectacular fashion!  During Alex & Caleb’s explosion, Brickman is disappointed in the explosive placement, and believes had they thought it out better they would’ve had a more successful explosion and story.

Joss & Henry’s unconventional idea makes them slightly worried that they’ve thought too out of the box – but Brickman loves the idea. During the explosion, The Rocker “Max Gain” puts on the ultimate show, surviving his explosive speakers in spectacular fashion!

Scott & Owen’s idea pays off with Brickman absolutely blown away by their build in storytelling, the colonial ship blowing up entirely, with the pirate managing to stay perfectly intact!

Hamish reveals to the six teams, that tonight is not an elimination, making everyone safe.

It’s a tight race to win the Grand Brick between today’s Top Two teams; Scott & Owen and Ryan & Gabby.  Ultimately, Brickman was blown away by Scotty & Owen’s impressive pirate ship explosion and take the winning place!


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