Sunday Night September 28

Sunday Night September 28

This week Sunday Night has an extended episode with more John Howard, Daniel Ricciardo and facial surgery.

The Boy Without a Face
Prepare to meet one of the most extraordinary little boys in the whole world. By rights Yahya should not be alive, he should not have survived his mum’s pregnancy. You see Yahya was born without a face. He has no eyes or nose, and no mouth, and on the rare occasions he goes outside his head is always covered. His parents from a small village two hours outside of Casablanca love their beautiful boy, and have been struggling unsuccessfully since he was born to get help. Yahya can’t talk, or see, and eating is a real challenge – but the reality is he is just like any other toddler and full of life. He can only grunt and squeal but his brain is normal. Now come along for the most emotional and inspiring journey possible as a very special Australian woman dedicates herself to giving Yahya a chance of a brighter future. Fatima was battling breast cancer last year when she saw a photograph of Yahya online, and from that moment he was top of her bucket list. Single-handedly she has persuaded the surgeon – and the hospital – that separated conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna to take on Yahya’s case, but only if there is anything that can be done for him. The moment Fatima, having flown to Morocco, meets Yahya for the first time will melt your heart. Seven’s Health Editor Dr. Andrew Rochford is with Yahya, his mum and Fatima as they travel back to Australia for a remarkable recuse mission and a meeting with the surgeon, to discover if it will be possible to bring the boy without a face out of the darkness, and give him a life. Don’t miss it.

Daniel Ricciardo
He’s handsome, humble and the hottest new star in the world of sport. Daniel Ricciardo is the bashful boy from the back ‘burbs of Perth who started out racing go-karts, and is now in the running to be crowned Formula 1 World Champion. Oh, and behind the dazzling and disarming smile he pulls a million dollar salary, has a home in Monaco and he got ‘the girl’. Daniel’s best mates back in WA tell reporter Denham Hitchcock how he only made the right move on his high school sweetheart because of their romantic advice! Sunday Night interviews Daniel in Singapore on the eve of last weekend’s dramatic race which saw him pick up even more championship points. But it’s his early life in Perth and the home movies with his family that reveal why this proud Aussie is already a true champion.

Howard Unmasked
Last week’s Sunday Night exclusive with John Howard made headlines for days. Not holding back anymore, Australia’s second-longest serving Prime Minister spoke bluntly about everything in his life and career, revealing new details about momentous events and the people at the centre of them. Howard revealed so much in a series of brutally honest interviews that we have to go round again. From the Bali Bombings and the terrorist threat to Australia, and the night he left a heavily pregnant Janette to go on a bender with Malcolm Fraser at a local hotel, to his rivalry with Andrew Peacock for leadership of the Liberal Party. And then there’s his ‘greatest mistake of all’. John Howard doesn’t re-write history, but he will make headlines again with his firm views on sport, Margaret Thatcher and the GST.

7:45 pm Sunday on Seven.



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