The Bachelor’s shock elimination leaves us with 3

The Bachelor’s shock elimination leaves us with 3

Wait a second did that actually happen?

The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, broke down in tears as he sent home Jessica, 24, during an emotion-charged rose ceremony.

Blake chose to speak with Jessica privately during the rose ceremony, eager to find out once and for all if she was ready to commit herself wholeheartedly to their relationship. Blake said: “Ever since I’ve met you I’ve had such a strong feeling for you. I’ve never had that in my life. But my head tells me that you’re not ready for the love that I’m looking for and I’d like you to tell me if I’m the man for you?” Jessica tearfully responded: “Yes, you are one of the most incredible men I have ever met. I am so falling for you but true, deep, long-lasting love isn’t something you can rush. It’s not a process you can just turn on.”

With so much at stake, Jessica’s honesty gave Blake the clarity he needed to make his decision. Jessica said: “I knew that there was a risk that by being totally honest it could very likely send me home. It is devastating that I’ll be going home and that I miss out on the chance to find out if there was love with Blake.”

Next week the final three ladies – Lisa, Louise and Sam – travel with Blake to Cape Town in South Africa for a series of a stunning final dates. From wildlife safaris to diving with sharks, the dramatic South African landscape provides the perfect backdrop to the final jaw-dropping twists in an unforgettable season of The Bachelor Australia



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