60 Minutes September 28

60 Minutes September 28

This week 60 Minutes has a special report on the Middle East , standing up and Peter Cosgrove.

Special Report: Female State

It wasn’t so long ago that the world hadn’t even heard of Islamic State, or ISIS, but this past week, U-S led air strikes against the extremist, fanatical group confirmed its status as the new global terrorist threat. ISIS controls a vast swathe of territory across Iraq and Syria. And its influence reaches well beyond the Middle East. On Tuesday night, a Melbourne teenager was shot dead after stabbing two police officers who wanted to question him over alleged threats against the Prime Minister and, last week, counter terrorism police conducted the biggest ever raids in Australia, after intercepting plans of a local ISIS member to kidnap and publicly behead a random victim. And so the world is rallying to help in the fight against ISIS but, on the ground, it’s a war fought largely by the Kurdish people of northern Syria and Iraq. And within their ranks is a brave and unique force of women: the Kurdish female freedom fighters. These mothers, wives and daughters are highly trained, committed and absolutely fearless. They will stop at nothing to protect their homes and their families. They are the front line in the global war against ISIS. Tara Brown has just spent a week in northern Syria and Iraq, and witnessed these courageous women in action. Many of them are teenagers, most are young women in the 20s and 30s. They’ve all been forced to delay any thoughts of study, career, travel or family – to preserve the way of life we so easily take for granted.

Reporter: Tara Brown                                              Producer: Gareth Harvey


Stand Up Australia

We do it all day long and you’re probably doing it right now. Sitting. It’s become as normal as breathing. We now sit down every day for longer than we sleep. And the latest research says sitting is as bad as smoking. It sounds dramatic because it is. Excessive sitting has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. And if you think exercising every day gives you a leave pass – you’re wrong. Even regular gym goers, who then spend the rest of their day sitting down, are just as much at risk. Sitting down is slowly killing all of us. The good news is, there’s a simple solution, and it could well save your life.

Reporter: Michael Usher                                         Producer: Jo Townsend


Our Best Bloke

Peter Cosgrove is Australia’s best bloke, in constitution and character. Officially, he is His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove, our 26th Governor General. Unofficially, he’s still the soldiers’ favourite General, who made his name leading men and women, around the world, during a mighty military career. Now he’s traded his uniform for civvies only to set up command at Yarralumla, and is keen to demystify what’s sometimes considered a pretty stuffy role. One of his ambitions is to meet and have a chat with as many Aussies as he can. And when he does, he wants you to call him Peter.

Reporter: Charles Wooley                                       Producer: Stephen Taylor

 8 PM Sunday on Nine


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