Sunday Night May 19

Sunday Night May 19

Here’s a look at what’s in store on Sunday Night 

Full Throttle Carnage
Robbie Maddison has become very wealthy laying his life on the line and defying gravity in the saddle of a motorbike. The Crusty Demons Australian daredevil has back flipped mid-air across London’s Tower Bridge, soared above the replica Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas and out-jumped Evel Knieval’s record. But Robbie is consumed with guilt, that the death-defying stunts he began are now somehow responsible for deaths of young riders, pushing the limits in a bid to emulate their idol. The latest tragedy happened just a few weeks ago when 19-year-old Tyrone Gilks died attempting a practice jump for a new dangerous stunt. Robbie Maddison isn’t just upset, he’s angry. Robbie’s seen six mates die in the sport in the past three years – three of them this year alone – all attempting stunts he believes were beyond them, and even beyond him. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen hears from Robbie about what must be done to stop any more tragedies, and meets new kid on the block Jackson Strong, who is planning the most dangerous stunts yet. Tyrone’s mum tells us why she couldn’t stop her son from attempting the impossible.

George Costanza (AKA Jason Alexander)
Seinfeld was a show famous for being about nothing, but strap in for a story that has everything. Jason Alexander had the world in stitches as the very popular (and very neurotic) George Castanza. On Sunday Night, hear all the secrets behind Seinfeld, including what really happened to the famous Soup Nazi. One of the most successful sitcoms ever, Seinfeld gave us phrases like “double dipping” and “shrinkage”, but what happens when reporter PJ Madam asks about being the “master of your domain”. In this in-depth interview, the Seinfeld star reveals the childhood heart ache that led him to obesity, and has a message for the bullies who tormented him in the school yard. High on a hill in Los Angeles, in an exclusive magical castle, the hilarious Jason Alexander attempts his best magic trick yet, struggling to free himself from a strait-jacket, without losing his fake hair.

No Way, Baby
Girls grow up, leave home, meet that special someone, and soon enough start a family. At least that’s the traditional view; women who can have children will want to have babies of their own. But that’s changing. The Australian family is undergoing the biggest upheaval in history – a generation of successful savvy women vowing never to have children. These are women remaining childfree by choice, and they are proud of it. Today, one in four women of childbearing age will never have a baby. Not for them the patter of tiny feet, or the fuss and cost of raising kids. Their lives are full enough without them. And no, they don’t take kindly to criticism that they’re being selfish. Don’t judge them until you’ve heard their stories.

Sunday, May 19 on Channel Seven at 6.30pm

source Press release provided by Molks TV Talk


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