60 Minutes May 19

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The Lost Pharaoh

In the modern history of Ancient Egypt, new world-headline-making discoveries are rare. This Sunday a Royal tomb full of golden treasure that is likely to be bigger and grander than the discovery of the famous boy king, Tutankhamen. Renowned archaeologist John Romer believes he’s found the tomb of the long lost Pharaoh, Herihor. Along with the King and his priceless relics, there could also be all of Ancient Egypt’s missing Queens. It’s an ambitious quest that takes us to a secret desert valley and could transform what we know about these exotic and remarkable people.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Stephen Taylor


Trail Blaiser

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability among Australian children. 34 thousand people struggle through life with the crippling condition. And the little boy you’re about to meet, Blaise Wyatt, suffers from the most cruel form of this affliction. Soon after birth, doctors gave him no chance of walking, standing or even sitting up on his own. But we’ve had the chance to witness an amazing transformation thanks to a highly controversial and very expensive, new therapy.

Reporter: Peter Overton

Producer: Jo Townsend


Cleveland’s Evil

It’s the story of an incredible rescue, joyous family reunions and enduring hope in the face of a lurking evil.

Three young women missing and presumed dead, dramatically re-united with their families, after 10 years held hostage right in the heart of their own community. In Seymour Avenue, Cleveland Ohio in a rundown two story weatherboard house, three young women suffered the most degrading and abusive incarceration. Beyond the celebration surrounding their rescue, more sobering questions are now being considered. How can such evil lurk undetected for so long in the midst of every day suburban life? And in America’s decaying industrial heartland, is this heinous crime a symptom of a deeper, darker problem.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Phil Goyen

7:30 PM Sunday on Nine

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