Sunday Night August 9

This weekend Sunday Night looks at the dark topic of revenge porn, Tim Cahill in China.

Imagine Googling your name and finding nude or intimate pictures of yourself splashed across the internet for the world to see. Worse still, it’s not only your photos but your name, address, where you work and other personal information. All posted without your consent. Revenge Porn has become one of the most disturbing trends on the internet; a tactic where jilted ex-lovers and hackers post private photos of women, to shame them online. It’s humiliating. It’s violating. Now a fight back has begun. A global movement of women determined to wrest back control, regain power and bring the men responsible to justice. On Sunday Night, PJ Madam gains extraordinary access inside one of America’s toughest prisons, a maximum security jail located outside San Diego. Inside she confronts Kevin Bollaert, the first person ever to be convicted of running a revenge porn site. He’s serving 18 years. It’s a compelling and tense interview within prison walls. We’ll meet three women, including Adelaide’s Amy Cornes, who’ve all been the victims of internet-humiliation and who are all taking on the creepy, faceless operators behind the shaming sites. This exclusive story will come as a timely warning to all parents and a vulnerable internet generation.

Tim Cahill: Made in China
China loves Tim Cahill. And Tim Cahill is loving life in China. Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler goes on an access-all-areas tour with the Aussie superstar as he opens a window on the extraordinary, secretive world of the new force in global football – the China Super League. In a surprise move, our most celebrated player signed to Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua in February. Was it for the money? Tim Cahill reveals to Sunday Night exactly why he made the move in the face of much more lucrative deals. In China, football is a passion on a whole new scale. Tens of millions are obsessed. President Xi Jinping is a soccer fanatic and wants China to host and win a World Cup. Starting from the ground up, 6000 schools in China have a dedicated soccer teacher and that number will rise to 20,000 by 2017. With his own youth program in Australia, Tim’s new club is seeking his advice to help with their development strategies. On the field, the veteran player is wowing local crowds, demonstrating why he’s been described as the most exciting player Australia has produced. We go inside a Chinese Super League game and lift a lid on the unbridled enthusiasm of the crowd. As he opens up about his life in China, Tim Cahill gives his most candid interview yet, providing a rare glimpse into his private life, his thoughts on the FIFA controversy, his World Cup prospects and his efforts to build brand Cahill in a global enterprise. You will be transported into the captivating world of superstars, super money and super crowds as China aims for world domination.

Twin Peak
One set of twins is something to behold. But four sets of twins. All naturally conceived and all in quick succession. That’s crazy! Well Emma and Loma Uhilla now have nine kids under the age of seven – three sets of girls twins, a boy and a girl and their eldest who arrived all by himself. The odds for this family are about 23 million to one. Sunday Night spends a bleary-eyed week with the Uhilla family to witness the controlled chaos, love and fun of an extraordinary outcome. Dr Andrew Rochford, who has twins of his own, has been spending time with the family and along the way he’s picking up priceless parenting tips. According to Dad, Loma, the secret is in the routine. Loma’s playing the long game. Sometime in the future he’ll be cared for by a team of doting sons and daughters. In this delightful Sunday Night family portrait Andrew Rochford put’s his own twin experience to the test, undertaking to care for the Uhilla tribe while mum and dad are treated to a rare night out. How will he go?

Sunday at 7 pm on Seven.