60 Minutes August 9

60 Minutes August 9

This weekend 60 Minutes looks into flight MH370 and a lot more.


517 days ago Perth man Paul Weekes boarded flight MH370 to fly to Beijing. It was a routine flight on one of the world’s safest planes, yet he and the 238 other passengers and crew have not been heard from since. What happened to the jetliner that fateful night is now one the biggest aviation mysteries of all time. Was there a catastrophic mechanical failure? Was it an act of terrorism? Or did a suicidal pilot deliberately crash into the ocean? Despite an enormous search, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that a part of a plane’s wing was discovered on a beach on Reunion Island in the western Indian Ocean. That part has now been identified as being from the Malaysian Airlines plane. For Paul’s wife Danica and her two young sons Lincoln and Jack, it’s the final realisation that he’s never coming home.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Gareth Harvey


It is the most “unjust” law in the land. In some states, it is still possible for violent men to kill their wives or girlfriends and then use the unbelievable excuse that she provoked them, when just over the border the same crime would attract a murder charge. It is the archaic law of provocation, where a woman is blamed for her own death because she drove the man she loved to take her life, provoking them to kill. In court, murder charges are downgraded to manslaughter and prison sentences are drastically reduced, in some cases to just a few years. It’s as close to a licence to kill as there is, and it has to stop.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau


Terry Vo was just 10 years old when a seemingly harmless game of backyard basketball almost turned deadly. A devastating freak accident while attempting a slam dunk saw the hoop, backboard and part of a brick wall collapse on top of him, completely severing both his hands and left foot. Terry’s story and the skill of medical teams in saving his hands made headlines around the world. When 60 Minutes met Terry just days after the horrific accident it was clear there was something special about this boy. And nearly a decade later Terry’s unflappable attitude continues to inspire. He has never complained or felt sorry for himself. And you won’t believe what he’s doing now.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Steven Burling

 9 pm Sunday on Nine