The Bachelor turns into Bach Man

The Bachelor turns into Bach Man

Last night The Bachelor had all the drama and conflict we were expecting.

After receiving the white rose at the first night’s cocktail party, Heather finally made her move in

The Bachelor taking Sam on an action-packed superhero date that he will never forget. Not interested in big jets and hot air balloons, Heather opted for something more natural. Catching Sam by surprise at the Bachelor Pad, she took him into her own world, creating the adventures of Bach Man and H-Bomb.

The Bachelor S3 Ep4 Bachman and HBomb Poster

Following a jam-packed day of activities, Heather cooked an intimate dinner for Sam back at the Bachelor Pad, where she faced some tough questions about the couple’s future. While Sam expressed concern that their effortless banter could fall into the friendship zone, Heather won him over, stealing both a rose and an intimate kiss on their first single date together.

On the  group date, Sam took Rachel, Ebru, Jasmin, Sarah, Joni, Laura and Sandra to the beach for a day of fun in the sun and a chance to get to know the Bachelorettes better. The Bachelor S3 Ep4 Sam on BeachAfter an awkward start  Laura stole a moment with Sam in the sand and, while discussing anal glands once again, Sam began to wonder if she was the one for him.

Not comfortable with Sam’s choice of games in the water and afraid of the surf, Joni withdrew from the group, drawing Sam’s attention and winning herself some alone time with him on the beach.  While they enjoyed a champagne sunset Sam discovered a serious side to Joni, quite the opposite to his laid-back self, forcing him to think long and hard about how compatible they could be.

Later on at the mansion, a kiss with Snezana at the cocktail party divided the girls and erupted into a major incident as Jasmin spread the news throughout the house.

The Bachelor S3 Ep4 Snezana and Sam

The drama continued as the Bachelorettes prepared for another rose ceremony and with 13 ladies remaining and just 11 roses, it was Laura and Joni’s time to leave the mansion.

Joni, 31, a motivational speaker from Victoria, said: “He’s clearly missed a catch in letting me go. He is still figuring out what he wants and evidently it’s not me. Now I can go on and find the person I am meant to be with.” Laura, 28, a veterinary surgeon from New South Wales, said: “All in all I think I am a pretty rounded character and I don’t think there is anything wrong with me, so if I’m not right for Sam then I will be right for someone else.”