Sunday Night August 27

Sunday Night August 27

This weekend Sunday Night has two stories.


Ali, Morgan and Jack aren’t your typical teenagers. They’re running businesses worth millions of dollars.

But instead of crediting Australia’s education system for their success, they claim school is just holding them back. Ali runs a thriving beauty business while juggling the pressures of final exams. Brisbane schoolboy Jack runs five online stores.  And Morgan employs 20 staff at his Melbourne bakery. So, what’s the secret to their success? Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen sat down with these three teenage entrepreneurs to discuss how they’re getting crazy rich and how your child could too.


This Sunday Night, correspondent Angela Cox takes us on a journey to the easternmost point of North America. This stretch of ocean is known as Iceberg Alley. Every year between 400 and 800 icebergs travel thousands of kilometres down the coast of Newfoundland. Each floating ice sculpture is estimated to be at least ten thousand years old. But these majestic skyscrapers are also dangerous and unpredictable… especially if you’re crazy enough to try climbing one.

8:15 PM Sunday on Seven