Tensions Simmer as The Bachelor continues

Tensions Simmer as The Bachelor continues

Tensions between Sogand and Abbie simmered over with another confrontation between the Bachelorettes which left the mansion divided on tonight’s The Bachelor Australia.

It was finally Kristen’s turn to have a single date with Matt. Rocking up via kayak, Matt revealed they would be spending the day together on the water.

After some spills and splashes, the pair headed back to dry land and took part in a high stakes game of noughts and crosses, cleverly dubbed “hugs and kisses”. With the winner set to score a foot massage from the loser, it was Kristen who came out victorious.

Wanting to play fair, Kristen returned the favour and rubbed Matt’s body down with coffee grains, leading to a big pash.

Back at the mansion, another group date card arrived, which led to the green-eyed monster appearing amongst the other ladies when Abbie was chosen to attend. Rocking up, the Bachelorettes were surprised to find another woman standing with Matt.

Turns out the mystery woman was Matt’s best mate Kate. The women were then told each of them would have a private chat with Kate, who would then be the one to choose who would receive a rose from Matt.

But before the grilling could commence, another surprise appeared. Cue shrieks and tears as each of the Bachelorette’s best friends appeared. After a quick catch up, it was down to business.


Kate pulled each lady aside for one on one time. With a focus on what Matt ultimately wanted for the future, Abbie came unstuck when asked about marriage and kids. Flip flopping from “it’s not essential” to “in an ideal world I would be married with kids in the next five years, absolutely”, Kate stopped to take note that maybe Abbie wasn’t right for Matt.


Meanwhile, Matt sat down for his own chats with the best friends of the women invited on the group date. Sogand’s best friend of 10 years, Max, told Matt that Sogand was passionate, mentioning someone in the mansion was there for the wrong reasons.


Not holding back during her own conversation with Kate, Sogand revealed it was Abbie who was not being true to what she was telling Matt. Despite feeling strongly for Matt, Sogand didn’t want him to end up with someone who wasn’t right for him.


After speaking with all the Bachelorettes, Kate pulled Matt aside to let him know her thoughts. Revealing Elly was best matched to Matt, who Matt awarded the rose. It was Kate’s bombshell that Abbie wasn’t necessarily there for the right reasons that visibly floored The Bachelor.


At the cocktail party, Matt grabbed Helena to reassure her of their connection. Taking her for some alone time at the orchard, he seized the moment and went in for the kiss. Leaning back, they realised Helena’s lipstick was all over each of them. If the kiss was good, it certainly showed!


Wanting to cause a bit of drama, Rachael pulled Abbie aside to let her know Sogand had mentioned that she wasn’t there for the right reasons during her chat with Matt’s mate Kate.


Confronting Sogand, Abbie demanded to know what was said. Sogand revealed the other Bachelorettes spoke about Abbie behind her back and that she was the only one with enough guts to say she was false to her face.


Walking into the rose ceremony, Sogand was certain Matt would finally send Abbie home. But with both Elly and Kristen already holding roses, it was Cassandra who left the mansion.