Sun sets on Sam Mac’s dance journey

<strong>Sun sets on Sam Mac’s dance journey</strong>

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, the second group of celebrities returned to risk it all on the dance floor. 

David Rodan upped the ante with his robotic Argentine tango. While Olympia Valance shone bright with an out-of-this-world futuristic samba.

Courtney Act ruled the leader board and the judges’ hearts with her passionate paso doble, achieving a score of 39.

Deni Hines’s slow foxtrot forced Todd McKenney to put his pen down and enjoy the dance; Rob Mills was up to speed with his quick step and Sam Mac’s jive hit stormy weather with the judges. 

Despite bringing the laughs, Sam became the latest celebrity to leave the championship after the sudden death dance-off between he and Deni divided the judges. 

The final scores of the night were:

Courtney Act and Josh Keefe – 39

David Rodan and Alex Vladimirov – 38

Olympia Valance and Gustavo Viglio – 38

Deni Hines and Lyu Masuda – 33

Rob Mills and Alarna Donovan – 28

Sam Mac and Ruby Gherbaz – 19 


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