Two More Castaways Receive A Second Chance To Play

Two More Castaways Receive A Second Chance To Play

e misfit alliance have been left to make themselves at home in undesirable conditions, after The Committee sent Jordie and KJ to join their fellow solo agent, Shay in Purgatory.

Joker Jordie had The Committee on edge this morning, as they all woke with itchy feet about removing the biggest threat from the game.

Today’s Reward Challenge had the mother of all prizes up for grabs: a flashy new set of wheels. This prize meant more than anything to Jordie, who left nothing at the gate as he soared over the obstacles to win the keys to his new car.

Jordan, Dave and Michelle joined Jordie for his first test drive, as they travelled out to the Survivor Cinema where videos from home were waiting for them.

Riding the high of smashing a bowl of nachos while reconnecting with their loved ones, Jordie got down to business and continued with his pursuit for justice in revealing that Sam was in possession of his brother’s idol. Frustratingly for Jordie, they still weren’t convinced.

Today’s Immunity Challenge was the decider for Jordie, who knew full well he was going home if he didn’t take home the necklace. It came down to Jordie and Jordan, but the support of the castaways helped Jordan to outlast Jordie, who crumbled to the ground in tears when he fell off the beam, as he realised his fate in the game was sealed.

Back at camp, The Committee were set on removing the game’s biggest threat, but Sam still sent herself into a panic spiral as the guilt of her smuggled idol weighed over her.

The reality of Purgatory was revealed at Tribal Council when the Jury entered without Shay. Six votes landed on The Joker, but his game was not over as Jordie learnt he was joining Shay on the other side.

It’s that stage of the game where there’s always a twist around the corner, as JLP revealed they needed to vote out one more person to join Jordie and Shay in Purgatory.

With no time to strategise, the votes were split between KJ, Mark and Sam – but KJ had one extra vote that landed her in Purgatory with her other alliance members.


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