Steve and Chantelle win The Block Fans vs Faves

Steve and Chantelle win The Block Fans vs Faves

Well that was a Block finale that was full of surprises.In a surprising move all couples agreed on an auction order which is a first in the history of the show.  The reserve prices were high but had been set then the fun began.

First up was Btad and Dale who had a reserve of $1,802,750 they ended up with a sold price of$2,310,000 giving them a profit  of $507,250. Kyal and Kara were next and didn’t we all think they would win. but Their apartment sold for $2,440,000, giving them a profit of $567,250 over the reserve.

Twins  Alisa and Lysandra looked like they were going to be the first back to back winners when there apartment sold for  $2,375,000 – netting them a profit of $616,000 over their reserve.

In the end though it was Steve and Chantelle who had the most to celebrate after a season of highs and lows when their apartment sold for  $2,470,000 the record-breaking price was a staggering $636,000 over the reserve making it the biggest sale price of the night and the highest price in Block history. Adding in the $100,000 they get for winning the show they walk away with a cool $736,000.

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network, said: “It is a great result for the couples who have worked relentlessly to turn a shell of a building into four sought-after luxurious homes. This project required real entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. I’m really happy for all concerned.”

 Julian Cress, Executive Producer, said: “Last night’s results were nothing short of phenomenal and are testament to the hard work put in by all contestants. Huge congrats to Chantelle and Steve but I’d like to pay particular thanks to those true gentlemen, Brad and Dale, for putting their hands up and volunteering to be first in the auction order. They knew they had a number of cashed up buyers eager to bid and their auction really set the scene for everyone and delivered the greatest gift to their neighbours.

A new series has already started production and will screen later this year on Nine




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