Nine has an Easter full of movies and repeats

With The Block ending this evening on Nine. There isn’t a lot of good stuff on next week.

That is unless your into Chuck Lorre comedies or movies with ads in them.

6:30pm David Attenborough’s Wild Secrets of India rpt
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm The Mentalist new 9:30 PM is a repeat
10:30pm Person of Interest rpt

7:30pm The Big Bang Theory dbl rpt
8:30pm Movie: The Tourist rpt

7:30pm The Big Bang Theory dbl rpt
8:30pm 2 Broke Girls new followed by a repeat
9:30pm Movie: Yes Man rpt

7:30pm RBT
8:30pm Mayday Mayday: Terror in the Skies
9:30pm CSI
10:30pm CSI: NY

7:30pm Top Gear
8:40pm The Footy Show


7:30pm NRL

9:30pm NRL

 Please note this guide is for the Brisbane market other states are advised to check local guides