Ten releases a new Offspring Trailer

Ten releases a new Offspring Trailer

My Excitement for the new season of Offspring is sky rocketing and here’s why.

We got a new trailer .

The new season of Offspring, delves into previously unexplored territories of life, love, loss and happiness as viewers fall in love with the adorable baby Proudman-Reid.

With cast members Asher Keddie , Kat Stewart, Eddie Perfect, Richard Davies, Linda Cropper, John Waters, Deborah Mailman, Garry McDonald, Lachy Hulme, Jane Harber, Alicia Gardiner, Ido Drent, Celia Pacqoula and Lawrence Leung all returning this season They will be joined by  Diana Glenn  Patrick Brammall , Ben Barrington , Chrissie Swan and Ray Martin who will make guest appearances this season.

Network Ten’s Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Last year left us asking how could Nina ever recover from losing Patrick. Six months later and the answers come in surprising ways as the Proudmans rally – as only they know how.

“With the best production team in the business, exceptional scripts and this outstanding ensemble cast, Offspring manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: if television can ever make us question the big stuff while remaining life-affirming, crazy and joyful then this is the series to do it.  Baby steps Nina. Baby steps.”


Offspring returns to Ten after Easter.



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