Seven airs The Inside Man Bumps The Mole and puts sates behind Criminal Minds

Seven has changed it’s schedule for Wednesday and if your an AFL fan you may be interested.

Seven will air an exclusive interview with Dean Robinson, the former high performance manager  of the Essendon AFL club, in a special report, THE INSIDE MAN, this Wednesday night. Conducted by Seven’s Luke Darcy, the interview is the first time Robinson has spoken about the  drugs crisis since he was stood down from the Bombers in February when the scandal erupted.

The interview will be followed by a panel discussion led by Bruce McAvaney.
THE INSIDE MAN: rs on Wednesday July 31 on Channel 7.
Melbourne 8.45pm Channel 7
Adelaide 8.45pm Channel 7
Perth 8.45pm Channel 7
Sydney 10.45pm Channel 7
Brisbane 10.45pm Channel 7

This means that Sydney and Brisbane will be one episode ahead of other states. While the mole will air a single episode at 9:45 in Brisbane and sydney and at 10:15 in Melbourne Adelaide and Perth

source 7