MasterChef Australia Season Five – Love-Lost Elimination

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Love-Lost Elimination

In this episode we will witness probably the only time the words ‘love’ and ‘elimination’ could possibly occur in the same one-hour timeframe. But whose heart-felt passion for this game will be forced to come to an end?

The three contestants up for elimination- Neha, Vern and Rishi- enter the kitchen to see the word ‘LOVE’ standing behind the judges. To begin with, Rishi hands his pin over sending Noelene into elimination as a replacement.

Today’s challenge is a pressure test created by Kirsten Tibballs. The contestants have to recreate her very ‘lovey’ louros cake! The unlucky contestants get a hint of luck when they’re asked to taste the delicious cake!

Luckily, they have three and a half hours for this challenge. That’s mammoth! Vern begins this time by putting a bell that belonged to his mother on the table for inspiration and motivation. He quickly gets annoyed at all the commotion on the mezzanine- and some of their advice is wrong! It’s been two minutes and he’s already stuffed up! He tries to sift as much of the sugar out as possible.

Somehow, Samira got a copy of the recipe and is helping Noelene. Neha’s problems lie in her hurriedness. Slow down and think, Neha!

Something of Noelene’s splits, putting her behind. Samira is on hand to push her back in front! Meanwhile, Neha’s mousse comes out a little off, but she has no time to change it.

When it comes time to get their cakes out of the mould- the contestants seem to have done a pretty good job. This may be one challenge all contestants have done well at!

Vern is first for tasting. He’s done an exceptional job and Kirsten calls it fantastic. She can’t fault it. Well, actually, she can. He has a bit too much mousse on the top and not enough roasted chocolate flavour.

Noelene is next. Her cake is a little shorter as her mousse wasn’t taken all the way to the top of the mould. The inside of it, however, is a hit. The flavour combinations work well but the glaze was a bit hard. George says it tastes bloody brilliant.

Neha is last. She’s very emotional. The height is correct at least. But then, disaster strikes. There’s a bit of baking paper still in there!

So the cake is a pretty big cake, but that baking paper is the deal sealer in this tight elimination and Neha is the next to depart the MasterChef kitchen.


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