Domestic Blitz Special to air 2013 Block Contestants to the Rescue

Domestic Blitz Special to air  2013 Block Contestants to the Rescue

With the Block finished the contestants and judges get to work on a very special makeover for two very deserving people. 

Host Scott Cam is joined by judges Shaynna Blaze,Darren Palmer,Neil Whitaker and the 2013 Block couples for a house and garden makeover for Jeanette Vize and Sarah-Maree, two sisters both diagnosed with cervical cancer, and their family who are struggling to make ends meet.


After 11 weeks of transforming their incredible apartments for The Block Sky High, the “Blockhead” couples will now be separated to work together in two teams to make over the Vize family home at Hopper’s Crossing in Melbourne’s west.

They have just three days to revamp this rundown, undersized, three-bedroom family home badly in need of a new lounge room, kitchen, flooring, bathroom and bedrooms. Walls will be knocked down, a serious paint job awaits, and the biggest backyard makeover in Domestic Blitz history is required.

The Block couples split into two teams for the job: Team Shaynna with Alisa, Bec, Madi, Johnno and Matt; and Team Darren with Lysandra, George, Trixie, Kim and Jarrod.

“It’s great to have the Blockheads give back to such a deserving family, not to mention Shaynna and Darren who roll their sleeves up to help create the most stunning Blitz transformation ever” said Programming Executive, Simon Baird.

The Vizes got the surprise of their lives when Scott Cam announced that all 2013 Block couples would be pitching in to give their home a much needed makeover from top to bottom.

Life hasn’t been easy for Jeannette Vize who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2006 just after giving birth to her second son. She was given the all clear in 2009 but tragedy struck the family again when her sister, Sarah-Maree, was also diagnosed with cancer of the cervix.

Sarah-Maree nominated her inspiring big sister for this life-changing home transformation project. Both Jeannette and Sarah-Maree are positive, hardworking battlers who keep their spirits high and pull together to ensure their family is always cared for. They are determined to never let their struggle with cancer beat them.

Jeanette has been with her partner Eammon for 15 years and they have two boys: Harry, 10, and Gus, 7. It is now a very tight squeeze in their home as Sarah-Maree and her fiancé recently had to move in when her job was made redundant.

The whole family have been sent to the Gold Coast to soak up the sun for three days and enjoy a holiday at Dreamworld – as Scott, Shaynna, Darren and the Blockheads move in for this emotional, one-off Domestic Blitz rescue mission.

Sunday, August 4, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine

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