Sashay Away! Blindsided Beauty Queen Gets The Boot

Knock Knock who’s there? Gerry! A Heroes loss was a Villains gain, as Gerry made his way over to the dark side after getting exiled by the Heroes. Rolling out the welcome mat, Simon couldn’t be happier with their newest member of the tribe.

The Heroes tribe won yet another Reward Challenge, this time relishing the prize of homemade lasagne and photos of loved ones. Cue the tissues.

Proving yet again that King George never misses a beat to get some sweet juicy gossip, during the challenge he secretly asked his arch nemesis, Hayley, if he could work with Gerry, to which she responded, “Yes”.

The Immunity Challenge came down to the wire when Heroes Ben and Paige used sign language to relay the puzzle letters, leaving the Villains scrambling. In a narrow defeat, the Villains lost sending them back to what is starting to feel like their second home, Tribal Council.

Sarah may have been keen to add a Sole Survivor trophy to her mantlepiece, but after the Villains tribe left her blindsided, Sarah was the fifth Castaway eliminated from Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.


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