MAFS Couples Move in Together

It’s move in day and our newlyweds are arriving at the first home they will share as a married couple. It’s a big step for all our newlyweds, but it’s particularly momentous for Sandy and Dan, as this will be the first time Sandy has ever lived with anyone outside of her immediate family.

While most couples are happy to be in their new homes together, Jesse is dreading the arrival of his wife, Claire. But upon arrival, Claire quickly sets about calming Jesse’s fears and they agree to start fresh.

After their explosive fight at the last night’s dinner party, Bronte and Harrison have a heated argument just minutes after moving in, seeing Harrison move into a separate apartment.  

After spending their first night in their new homes, our newlyweds awake to a message from the Experts; it’s time for Confessions Week. The first task of the week is the Photo Ranking task that sees Caitlin and Shannon hit their first hurdle. As Shannon blunders his way through ranking the other brides, Caitlin expresses concern at the tone of her husband’s commentary. Her fears are confirmed when Shannon ranks Caitlin in second place, but upon reflection decides to demote her even further. Caitlin is left speechless.

Alyssa and Duncan are assigned the Confessions Letter task, which they both anticipate will bring them closer together. However, Alyssa’s confession, that she was once involved with a married man, leaves Duncan shaken and questioning his wife’s moral compass. 

Bronte and Harrison reunite to take on the Photo Ranking task, but when Bronte states her desire for an empathetic partner they descend into another argument, and Harrison accuses Bronte of abandoning their relationship.

Jesse is initially reluctant to share his Confessions Letter with his wife, Claire, but is surprised by her empathetic response to his confession that his last girlfriend kept him a secret for the entirety of their two-year relationship. Reflecting on the task, Jesse realises that he has unfairly judged his wife.

As the day winds down and most couples head off to bed. Caitlin overhears her husband Shannon taking a phone call in the hallway. Concerned by his emotional state, Caitlin presses Shannon on his conversation, leading to his confession that he is still in love with his ex-fiancée. Caitlin is left stunned yet again.


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