Once A Hero, Always A Hero?

It was day ten on the Villain’s beach and Jordie had come to the realisation that his best mate Simon was causing rifts within the tribe. To keep himself safe, he tentatively aligned himself with George, knowing full well this could be a dangerous move.

The Heroes tribe appeared more unified than ever, but cracks have begun to appear. Ben decided to make a fake Immunity Idol in front of his tribemates, causing Sam, Flick and David to be suspicious
of his motives and Shaun was playing more like a villain, taking the Idol he found from his mate’s clue and keeping it secret.

At the Reward Challenge, the Heroes win a bakery bonanza. Expecting a feast, the Heroes discover that only one person can distribute individual baked treats. The ever loyal Sam favoured his mates giving
Dave a giant chocolate cake and leaving Ben with a tiny meat pie.

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes were tasked with a mega fire building challenge, ending with the Heroes off to face their second Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, the vote became irrelevant when JLP made a shock announcement. The Heroes had to vote to send someone to the Villain’s tribe instead. Paige volunteered but it fell on deaf ears when
Sam boldly announced they need to send someone that’s dispensable. Sporting an injury, Gerry gets the votes and headed off to the Villain’s camp.

Will Gerry rock that purple buff? Or will he return to his beloved Heroes?


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