Romantic Dates, Competitive Game Play and Strategic Flower Bouquets.

Romantic Dates, Competitive Game Play and Strategic Flower Bouquets.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Holly and Brooke weaved bracelets on a romantic single date, the participants took part in a series of games where Brooke observed how they interacted with kids and at a competitive cocktail party, Brooke’s suitors pulled out all the stops to win the final single date of the season.

First up Brooke chose Holly to join her on tonight’s single date.

The pair snuggled up on the couch by the campfire and spoke about their future. Holly gave a strong indicator of her feelings when she said that she wanted to introduce Brooke to her family, whose approval was important to her. Brooke knew she wanted to spend more time with Holly so she offered her a rose, which she accepted, and the two ended their date with a kiss.

Later, Brooke’s suitors arrived at a sports stadium for their group date and found three children lined up next to Brooke and Osher. Mila, Caelyn, and Jacob were going to be their team captains today in a series of games where Brooke could see how all her suitors interacted with the kids.

At the end of the group date, the kids chatted to Brooke and told her who they liked the most. Kurt turned out to be a favourite and Brooke chose him to spend some extra time with her. This softer side to Kurt impressed Brooke and she offered him a rose and the pair shared a kiss.

At the cocktail party, Konrad revealed that Brooke would be choosing the suitor to get the final single date. Immediately the participants knew they had to plan something special to nab the last date.

Darvid anonymously sent a blooming bouquet to Brooke while she spent time with Will. She tracked down her “secret admirer “and the two spent some time chatting about their feelings for each other. Declaring his gesture as the most impressive, Brooke offered Darvid a rose and the last single date, which he accepted.

At the rose ceremony, Luca and Will did not receive a rose.


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