It’s check-out time for Thomas Markle Jr.

It’s check-out time for Thomas Markle Jr.

Tonight on Big Brother VIP, impressed by Ellie’s hustle to stay in the game, Josh felt compelled to tell Ellie the truth about Jessika and Imogen’s reaction to her re-entering the game. 

With the new intel from Josh, Ellie set her sights firmly on Jessika and Imogen and – deciding to keep her enemies close – she took both girls aside and assured them they were stronger together.  

Big Brother threw the VIPs a curveball by announcing two nomination challenges, with each challenge winner able to nominate a person for eviction. 

Knowing the girls were gunning for her, Ellie was determined to win the challenge, but Imogen and Jess were unbeatable, taking home the win much to Ellie’s frustration.

After being reassured by Ellie the previous night, Jessika and Imogen decide Thomas was the safer bet for eviction nomination. Ellie was relieved not to hear her name called out and quietly chuffed Jessika and Imogen had taken the bait of her proposed ‘alliance’.

The second challenge was a close call, with Luke edging ahead of Ellie to grab the win. He nominated Ellie as the safe vote, hoping to send Thomas home.

Deciding it was time to remove “floater” Thomas from the game, Luke convinced Jessika and Imogen to vote for him out, despite their emerging reservations about Ellie lying to them. 

On leaving the Big Brother Hotel, Thomas said, “Big Brother’s VIP hotel has definitely given me a life-changing experience. It gave me the opportunity to cleanse my soul. I mailed off the good letter to Meghan. It’s in the post. The ultimate outcome from that letter would be the smallest of any type of response, in any way, shape or form – as long as it’s positive. It may take a month, it may take a year, but if I get something out of it I have achieved my goal.”


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