Metro Sexual returns in December

 Metro Sexual returns in December

The doctors are in and the health clinic doors will open once again when season two of the Australian comedy series Metro Sexual returns next month.

Metro Sexual is a local production filmed in mockumentary style that follows the lives of Doctors Steph Huddleston (Geraldine Hickey) and Langdon Marsh (Riley Nottingham) who work at Metropolitan Sexual Health. The bubbly, customer service-driven Langdon and the sardonic, seemingly-aloof Steph are both smart, empathetic doctors, however their differing approaches to patient care mean they’re always butting heads.

This season, sexual health practitioners Steph and Langdon are joined by two new regulars: medical student Yasmin Dagher (Shabana Azeez), who just wants to get through her six month placement at the clinic; and bikie gang member Greg (Ryan Shelton), Steph’s cousin, who keeps coming in as an excuse to talk to receptionist Gwen (Urvi Majumdar).

Together, our heroes must face a host of challenges, including a visit from a scandal-ridden politician, a controversial billboard, and an annual sexual health awards ceremony gone wrong, while trying to keep a growing STI epidemic at bay.

Co-creator, producer and actor Riley Nottingham said: “We are thrilled to be bringing our labour of love and comedy series back to Australian audiences on 9Go! After what we have all been through, a bit of heartfelt humour might be just what the doctor ordered. Beyond the uplifting laughs we hope it shines a light on the importance of inclusivity and a little reminder for us all to look after our sexual health.

“It’s been an incredible experience creating this series and we hope it can offer some welcome comic relief.”

Metro Sexual premieres Thursday, December 2, at 8.30pm on 9Go!


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