Romance heats up with first dates and first kisses

Romance heats up with first dates and first kisses

In tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife Farmers Andrew and David opened their hearts to love and invited their top five to the farm.

After choosing one special person for the first 24-hour date, romance blossomed in the country as each farmer did their best to woo the chosen ladies before the rest of the guests arrived.

Farmer Brenton and 25-year-old social media manager Sophie went for a walk along the beach before continuing their  date fireside in a shearing shed. After Brenton confessed that he knew from the start he would pick Sophie for the 24-hour date, the pair kissed.

Farmer David showed his romantic streak when he organised a magical evening at a riverside cabin for 30-year-old recruitment manager, Elle. As the pair shared their first kiss under the stars, Elle said: “That was just adorable. That was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on.”

While planning a relaxing evening with, 22-year-old marketing assistant Chelsea, Farmer Matt said: “I really want to make Chelsea feel special because she didn’t feel like she was enough,” referring to their chat on the speed date in Hunter Valley. Matt’s plan worked, as their date also ended in a kiss.

Old-fashioned chivalry and a home-cooked meal was on the menu for Farmer Andrew’s date with 37-year-old mine truck driver Claire. The date ended with Andrew teaching Claire some ballroom dance moves. 

In the past, Farmer Brad had to choose between the farm and love. So a special date with 31-year-old high school teacher Morgan was the perfect opportunity to share his passion for life on the land. Ending their picturesque sunset date with a kiss, Brad said: “hopefully, Morgan is falling, you know, for me as well as the farm just as much.”

The next morning, farmers and their ladies spent their final moments basking in the afterglow of their first dates before the rest of the ladies arrived.

At Andrew’s farm, the reality of sharing him with four other ladies hit home for Claire, who was distraught with the new arrivals: “I‘ve developed feelings for Andrew and the girls are my friends. I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt and I can’t shake it. So, I’d rather just take myself out of the situation. I think I’m ready to go home.”

The farmers invited the following partners to their farms:

Farmer Andrew: Claire*, Jessie, Kelley, Lucie, Maddison

Farmer Brad: Christina, Clare, Corista, Morgan*, Natasha

Farmer Brenton: Breanna, Emily, Frankie, Rachel, Sophie*

Farmer David: Elle, Emily, Emma*, Leah, Lorelei

Farmer Matt: Alice, Annabelle, Chelsea*, Madison, Olivia

* 24-hour date winner


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