One lady leaves the farm in a shock exit

One lady leaves the farm in a shock exit

A surprise exit left one farmer shocked in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

Farmer Brad introduced public servant Corista to one of his family’s favourite pastimes: knee-boarding; while Farmer David scored a kiss after marketing coordinator Lorelei “passed the girlfriend test” during their daring hike.

Farmer Brenton and promotions assistant Rachel explored a deeper connection during their date at a winery, with Brenton deciding: “Rachel’s personality is definitely what I’m after.”

Sensing that admin officer Olivia could be the one, Farmer Matt took her to the chocolate factory he frequented with his loved ones: “It’s is an amazing place where I’ve often gone with friends and family, and the fact I get to share somewhere so special with someone that feels really special to me as well is a beautiful bonding moment.”

After a rocky night at the Country Ball, creative consultant Jessie brought a calmer energy during her date with Farmer Andrew; but as the pair relaxed over a meditation session, a storm was brewing back at the farm. 

Realising the pressure of the situation, Nurse Lucie decided: “I need to put myself first and this is not the environment for me.” Writing a letter to say goodbye to Farmer Andrew, she confessed: “Although I’m disappointed that we never got the opportunity to explore what could have been, I think you’re a great match, and I really think you could find your happy ending.”

Returning to find one less lady on his farm, Andrew did not send anyone home in tonight’s farm farewell, while Farmers Brad, Brenton and Matt farewelled the ladies they least connected with. 

David’s decision to send home his first 24-hour date recruitment manager, Elle, left his other ladies in shock.  

The ladies farewelled tonight were:

Farmer Brad: Christina

Farmer Brenton: Breanna

Farmer David: Elle

Farmer Matt: Alice

Farmer Andrew: Lucie*

*Lucie walked out


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