Balls Of Steel With A Side Of Bromance

Balls Of Steel With A Side Of Bromance

The campmates breathed a sigh of relief tonight as no one was evicted. Still reeling from losing both Anna and Bianca, the celebs did their best to get on with the day to day of camp life without their jungle buddies.

In the spirit of keeping busy, a light was shone on Adam and Nathan’s bromance, Woody revealed his start in radio was all thanks to TV and radio legend Steve Vizard, Dicko gave Guy Sebastian a cheque for one million dollars and lookout for Liz at a polling booth near you in about 10 years’ time.

In the trial, it was motion sickness at its best in the aptly named Balls Of Steel. Thrown into a huge metal ball, both Adam and Aesha had to hang onto the stars (and their stomachs!) to gain stars for meals in camp.

Rocking up to camp with only five stars, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins declared it was the worst news as he could eat like a pig in a dumpster. But instead, everyone had to make do with the serves they were given.

As the sun set on another day of jungle life, Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris revealed that tomorrow Nathan and Pete would be thrown into the deep end to compete in Yo Ho Ho and a Barrel of Celebrity.

Will our celebs get more food in their bellies, or will Nick end up eating the bum of a low flying duck? Tune in tomorrow to fine out!


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