LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Up It Goes

LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Up It Goes

There is a collective groan from the contestants as they enter the room and see a UFO build soaring up a cable wire. They all know what this means, a technical challenge and it means our Lego Masters will be tested like never before! The teams must create a single build that travels vertically up a wire for 6 metres. Brickman highlights that first and foremost this is a technical challenge and if any build does not make it up the full 6-metres they will not be judged on the storytelling or aesthetics of their build and will not be in the running to win the Grand Brick.

Alex & Caleb reprise their famous and favourite Season 4 build ‘Crime Cat’, to create ‘Climb Cat’, a thieving cat who is on his ascent into heaven. Scott & Owen land on the idea of building a ‘Hot Air Balloon’. Joss & Henry decide to go with a ‘Flying Pig’.

Damian & Andrew decide to build ‘Rocket Man’, a crazy inventor who is making his way up into the sky.  Gabby & Ryan are launching their ‘Retro Rocket’ build into space. Henry & Sarah are set to build a ‘Window Washer’, whilst David & Gus decide to build an ‘Owl’, which is becoming more difficult than expected. 

Alex & Caleb’s build is first to ascend and it’s ‘Climb Cat’ who displays what a showman he is, making it to the 6-metre height easily.  Scott & Owen’s ‘Hot Air Balloon’ is next to be put to the test, stopping at 4-metres, but it slowly keeps going, cracking the top at 6-metres!  Joss & Henry are here to prove that Pigs can fly and their build makes it to the 6-metre finish line very quickly!

This technical challenge is no match for Damian & Andrew’s ‘Rocket Man’, with their build stopping at 1-metre.  Henry & Sarah’s ‘Window Washer’ is next to be sent up, making it to the top.  Gabby & Ryan’s ‘Retro Rocket’ shoots off, making it to the 6-metre mark easily!

The final build to be tested is David & Gus’s ‘Owl’ which is off to a flying start, but stops at 1-metre and slowly continues, finally stopping at 2-metres.

Thankfully for David & Gus and Damian & Andrew, it is revealed by Brickman that the challenge is not an elimination, and the two teams are safe for another day!

Brickman is amazed with the remaining five team’s abilities to create technically impressive builds, but it comes down to the top two teams being Caleb & Alex’s ‘Climb Cat’ and Joss & Henry’s ‘Flying Pig’.  Although is it Joss & Henry versatility and ability to create a secondary wing mechanism that earns them the Grand Brick winners of today and are now back-to-back Brick winners! 


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