Nine Looks at Life On The Dole

Nine Looks at Life On The Dole

I’m actually speechless at this one .

Life on the Dole, a six-part documentary that takes a tough look at the realities of living on unemployment benefits in the United Kingdom,

In Britain there are now more people living off benefits than at any time since the introduction of the nation’s welfare system. Many of those claiming the dole spend longer on benefits than in jobs; others have never known what it’s like to be employed; and some have found that a job doesn’t pay enough in comparison to the dole.

Today their social welfare system is undergoing a radical overhaul and the changes are beginning to hit home hard. Thousands of people who rely on benefits are finding life tougher than ever.

This series gets up close and very personal with the struggling people in the dole queues and behind the headlines. It explores the lives of those fighting for scarce jobs and trying to live on less than £5 ($10) a day – and reveals the smarties who know how to beat the system.

Life on the Dole airs  Wednesday, May 20, at 8.40PM on Nine

As a result of the schedule change The final episode of The Amazing 90s moves to 9:40pm and the last ever episode of Forever to 10:40pm.