House Rules Reveal moves to Adelaide

House Rules Reveal moves to Adelaide

It was a tough week for the teams on House Rules as they renovated Ryan’s house from a bachelor pad to a love nest. 

Despite having the secret house rule this week, WA parents Karina and Brian were knocked off their perch by last week’s lowest scorers, Tasmania’s Cassie and Matt, who went from zero to hero with their yellow kitchen.

 The SA homeowners loved Tassie’s zone, with Marlee saying: “As soon as I walked into that zone I burst into tears, it was everything I could have asked for. I loved it so much”. The judges were equally as impressed with Wendy Moore adding: “You guys completely turned your game around this week. I liked your use of yellow cabinetry. It really was a ray of sunshine.” Cassie and Matt top scored with a combined total of 23 points.

WA had to settle for second place this week on 22 points. Their master bedroom and ensuite won rave reviews from the judges and home owners alike. “Your master bedroom was a real display of confident design,” Wendy said. Ryan was blown away by his ensuite adding: “I’ve never had an ensuite before and now I’ve got an awesome one!” However, their decision to run their decking boards in a diagonal fashion – in stark contrast to the adjacent deck designed by Team NSW – was criticised. “Some communication to get the pattern the same would have been better in my eyes,” Ryan said.

 Although the judges loved Danielle’s original artwork in the guest bedroom, Queensland lost points with their “dark and moody” bathroom with Joe and Wendy scoring them 5 and 6 respectively. However, the SA homeowners awarded them their highest score of 8 with Marlee telling them the guest bedroom was her favourite room in the house. “That artwork was incredible,” she said. “If you painted that, that’s a new career for you girl. I was blown away!”

Reno rookies Victoria were given the biggest zone this week comprising the living room, laundry, hallway, entry and broom closet. They scored 5s all round to finish in second last place. Their first renovation earned them praise with Wendy stating: “I was really impressed with your living room. It showed great talent.”


Team NSW struggled the most this week with Tiana’s lack of decision making costing them dearly as they finished last on 13 points. “There is no vision in this room,” Wendy said about their lacklustre mancave. But the homeowners disagreed with Ryan stating: “I loved the mancave. When I opened the door, I felt like a big kid again!”

 Lucky for NSW, their home is the next to be renovated saving them from a dreaded week in the tent, which now falls to Bronik and Corrine as the second last placed team.


SA homeowners Ryan and Marlee scored the teams out of 10 as follows:

 QLD Ben & Danielle (Bathroom & Guest Bedroom) – 8

WA Karina & Brian (Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Deck) – 7

TAS Cassie & Matt (Kitchen & Dining Room) – 7

NSW Steve & Tiana (Mancave & Deck) – 6

VIC Bronik & Corrine (Living room, laundry, hallway, entry & broom closet) – 5

When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as:

house 2

With a mortgage of $229,000, Ryan was incredibly grateful to the teams for handing him the home of his dreams. The 29-year-old paver and council worker, who works two jobs to make ends meet, said: “The house is absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have done it ourselves; we are so grateful.” His travel agent girlfriend Marlee moved into his bachelor pad last year and fought back tears over the incredible transformation. “We were just so overwhelmed when we walked in,” the 26-year-old said. “Just thinking about it, I’m going to cry, it was beautiful.”

The teams now head to NSW to give deserving father and daughter team Steve and Tiana the makeover they’ve always dreamed of.

House Rules  airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm with a new house reveal each week on Sunday at 7:00pm