60 Minutes May 17

60 Minutes this week has Mh370, Domestic Violence and Dwarfism


MH17: Special Investigation
It is one of the most shocking war crimes of modern times. A passenger jet shot out of the sky, killing 298 people, 38 of them Australian. The images of the wreckage and debris of Flight MH17 strewn across the fields of Ukraine are seared into our memory. Australia’s leaders vowed to hunt down the killers, but nine months on no one has been held to account. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, reporter Michael Usher travels deep into Russian-controlled, eastern Ukraine to conduct a forensic investigation, painstakingly piecing together the evidence that leads to the very spot from where the missile was fired, finally revealing the proof about who shot down MH17.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Stephen Rice

A Wife Basher
Australia is facing a hidden crime wave. Domestic violence. One Australian woman is being killed every week, and those who survive are left with the most horrible physical and psychological scars. As a community we’ve only scratched the surface of the shame and secrecy surrounding this vile scourge. Some brave women have found the strength to speak out about their abuse, but too often the gutless perpetrators of domestic violence, either kill themselves or run a mile, before they can be held to account. Not this Sunday. Tara Brown sits down face to face with a wife basher.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Gareth Harvey, Grace Tobin

Standing Tall
The beautiful little kids in this story are just like yours and mine, but for one faulty gene. They’re the one in 20,000, for who statistics on dwarfism become a reality. The impact, is life-long, but now a team of Australian researchers is on the verge of a revolutionary new treatment for the most common form of dwarfism: achondroplasia. It’s a drug that actually grows the bones of children with the condition, and for the first time these kids have a chance of a life of standing tall. In this heart-warming story Karl Stefanovic meets two very special families, and one incredible doctor, who knows what’s it like to grow up a little bit different.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producers: Gareth Harvey, Grace Tobin

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.