Nigella Lawson cooks up an elimination cake

Nigella Lawson cooks up an elimination cake

Nigella Lawson’s elaborate way with words tested MasterChef Australia’s talented chefs.

The Queen of the kitchen, Nigella Lawson joined the contestants live from London and the elimination challenge took place across two rounds. 

In the first round the contestants battled it out in a classic MasterChef Australia taste test; there were 18 different biscuits and in just 15 minutes they had to guess as many biscuit flavours as possible. Conor, Brent, Maja, Yo Yo and Tom found themselves at the bottom of the pack.

In round two, the contestants had 90 minutes to recreate Nigella’s toasted marshmallow and rhubarb cake, but they didn’t get to see or taste the dish and weren’t provided with a recipe. Instead, Nigella provided a beautifully detailed verbal description of her cake.

After a rocky start, Brent felt good about his cook and Andy admitted he smashed it out of the park. Melissa said she loved the flavour of the rhubarb in Conor’s cake, but it was hard to overlook the obvious flaws. 

Maja’s cake was not as moist as Nigella’s, but Melissa admitted it was a very good attempt at something she’d never seen before.Jock said there were elements of Tom’s dish that were perfect but his decision to drizzle rhubarb syrup over the cake backfired. 

Last up for tasting was Yo Yo and Andy pointed out that it was a classic case of when one thing goes wrong in the kitchen, everything goes wrong. Yo Yo’s meringue didn’t hold its shape and her rhubarb was undercooked and crunchy. So, it was no surprise when the judges announced that today was Yo Yo’s last cook in the MasterChef kitchen.


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