Lemon Myrtle tips a Masterchef over the edge

Lemon Myrtle tips a Masterchef over the edge

Any MasterChef Australia fan knows that balance is on top of the judge’spriority list, and tonight who didn’t quite get the equation right?

The judges revealed that the theme for the elimination challenge was “Chicken or Egg”. In round one, the contestants had 75 minutes to cook a dish featuring either chicken or egg, with the pantry and garden open.  

Eric, Depinder and Justin plated up delicious dishes that saw them at the top of the pack after the first round.  

After presenting the bottom five dishes, Trent, Amir, Linda, Dan and Yoyo found themselves in round two, with 75 minutes on the clock and the challenge to feature the ingredient they didn’t use in round one. Linda had to hero the humble egg, while the other four contenders had to cook with chicken.  

When it came time to taste, Amir plated up his shawarma like he would for his family and the judges adored his dish, saying that if he continued to cook like he did, he would stay in the competition for a while to come. Dan’s Chinese hamburger was a hit too, Yoyo’s dish was also a stand-out, and as the judges tasted Linda’s dish, they declared that the flavour was enchanting, and Mel said she would eat it again and again.   

Trent had the last dish to be tasted and from the judges’ first bite it was clear that he had really loaded up the chicken with lemon myrtle, having used it under the skin, as well as in the jus. It was ultimately the undeniably strong lemon myrtle flavour that had the power to send Trent home from the MasterChef kitchen.


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