Neighbours Finally Drops The Parent Bomb

Neighbours Finally Drops The Parent Bomb

It’s been on the horizon since day one, but now finally JJ let’s a secret out.

And that secret is that Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) could potentially be the father of one of Ramsay Street’s newest residents, JJ Varga-Murphy (Riley Bryant).

From the moment JJ set foot in Ramsay Street he’s taken a big interest in the Street’s history, and in particular that of the Rodwell family, as he tried to get to the bottom of whether or not Andrew was his father or not. The rest of the Varga-Murphy clan have been unaware of JJ’s motives, except for brother Dex (Marley Williams), who became suspicious of the way JJ was acting.

But now, after Remi (Naomi Rukavina) went through a potentially deadly scare, the bomb has dropped and the shockwaves are reverberating throughout the Varga-Murphy and Rodwell households.  

What will happen when Cara (Sara West) is forced to come clean about her old friend Phillippa’s offer, or when Wendy (Candice Leask) realises the timing of Andrew’s donation all those years ago?

There’s more bombs set to drop before the end of the episode, and in the skilled hands of Rene Zanveld, the actors are given a compelling script that allows fans to say in the moment and for every actor to have their moment to shine.

Neighbours airs 4:00pm Monday-Thursday on 10 and is repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach.



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