Love Island 2023 Kicks off

Love Island 2023 Kicks off

Get ready islanders the quest for love is about to begin.

The first surprise of the season, this year in a first for Love Island Australia, the girls have the power to choose who they want to couple up with. Perhaps a sign of who is the most desired Islander early on, all five boys step forward to Tia. 

After the process is completed we have our first five couples in the Villa. Tia and Trent, Savannah and Zac, Tyra and Ben, Kirra and Ollie, and Nakia and Nate.  

Sophie lets everyone know the Islanders are in their spicy era.

Our OG couples get to know each other and at night the first party for the Islanders takes place. Early on there are already some cracks forming in the couples, Kirra and Ollie aren’t vibing and Zac is having trouble connecting with Savanah. 

The Islanders head to bed excited and tired as they all get used to the Villa.

The next day the girls and guys chat, Nakia reveals she already sees Nate as a friend and gives the greenlight for the girls to crack on with him. They all drool over Nate, who as a PT from Sydney is ripped.

Tia reveals that while she is into Trent – and Trent is definitely into her – she is open to getting to know Nate, and that excites him.

All day the Islanders continue to get to know each other, some vibing better than others.

At night the Villa is rocked after Tia gets a text, the first bombshell arrives. As the boys are in the firepit in walks Lucinda Strafford from Love Island UK season 2021. At 23 she is ready for another crack at Love Island, and she makes it clear early on she is in the Villa to find an Australian boyfriend. 

Both Zac and Nate are excited to see Lucinda, while the girls are very wary. 

Love Island Australia has started with a bang.


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