Cowgirl Is Put Out To Pasture

Cowgirl Is Put Out To Pasture

Just when she was a hop, skip and a cloven hoof away from lassoing the Finale trophy, Cowgirl was herded off the stage on tonight’s The Masked Singer Australia.

A clear favourite in the competition this season, Cowgirl duked it out against Bouncer but ultimately it was the international drag superstar Courtney Act who was unmasked. 

With a mooving performance of fun’s We Are Young, most of the panel were left scratching their heads with Mel B locking in comedian Kathy Griffith, Abbie RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Chad Michaels and Hughesy naming Dolly Parton.

But it was CSI Chrissie Swan who successfully tipped Cowgirl to be none other than Courtney Act.

When asked why Courtney decided to perform incognito, she said: “I think some people see Courtney as a mask, but I thought ‘I wonder what it would be like wearing an actual mask.’ And it’s kind of thrilling because you have no fear because no one can see you, and if you mess up, it’s like it’s not about you, it’s the cow that did it.”

Osher went deep, stating: “You’re a very important voice in our community, but over the past 12 months some people have seen you as a bit of a threat Courtney.” 

Responding, Courtney said: “Yeah, they have, isn’t it weird! The funny thing is, I feel like I could read to children dressed as Cowgirl, but there might be some people who argue that I shouldn’t read to children dressed like this.

“But you know what I realise is the haters are an extremely small minority and that resoundingly, myself, drag performers, LGBTQ+ people are loved and supported by everyone in our community, there’s more visibility than ever, the message of queer people really is the message of the Spice Girls, it is that message of be who you are, be authentic.”


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