Neighbours celebrates 7000 with low key episode

Neighbours celebrates 7000 with low key episode

It’s one of Australia’s longest running soaps and now Neighbours reaches another milestone tomorrow night.

The show which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year will broadcast its 7000th episode.

While the episode is a major achievement for the show  instead of making a huge event with a wedding or death storyline the cast and crew deliver an episode that involves nudity missing lotto tickets and PTSD which is a refreshing change after a very hectic few weeks

Susan decides to investigate a therapist for herself  as she continues to struggle with the emotional weight of counselling Nate. Karl finds himself preoccupied with an unscratched scratchy, which reveals he has won $7,000. His fortune is short-lived when he realises he has lost the ticket. Sheila learns of the missing ticket and the pair race one another around Erinsborough to find it.

Sonya and Toadie find themselves locked into a nudist lunch. Despite Sonya getting the giggles, the meeting goes well and Toadie secures the business contract. The successful afternoon is dampened when Toadie receives an anonymous letter warning him that Sonya is not who he thinks she is.

I don’t suggest creating a drinking game for the amount of times you hear 7000 in the episode or there might be trouble.

Neighbours airs 6:30 Weeknights on Eleven


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