Jason Leaves Big Brother

Jason Leaves Big Brother

Another eviction has taken place and this time it was Jason who walked on to the stage.

Jason’s eviction took place  after  loved-up Housemates Aisha and Travis to decline Big Brother’s offer of $50,000 to self-evict and leave the House immediately.  The offer was put to them in a live dilemma last night, and they were given 24 hours to consider the proposal.  Aisha delivered their decision to Sonia live from the House by saying, “Sonia we’ve discussed this and we thought we’d give you a taste of your own medicine so we’ve decided to… we’ve decided to stay.”

Travis said, “If we were to leave, [it] would be a slap in the face to the Australian public….  Both of us aren’t money driven.  We came into the house with nothing, if I left with no money and Aisha was under my arm I’d see myself as winning anyway.”

With the voting lines closed last night prior to Sandra’s eviction, the final eviction poll results for this week were:

Sandra               8.8%

Jason              16.9%

Priya                17.6%

David               18.4%

Ryan               38.3%

Upon exiting the house Jason said he hoped he made his parents proud and that he wasn’t  normally this flamboyant.”

When shown a picture of Lawson and Cat kissing he gave a seal of disapproval saying, “Mm mm mm.  I don’t agree. At the end of the day he has a girlfriend that he’s been with for years, and that’s cheating.

 Tonight the housemates will nominate ahead of another eviction next week.

Big Brother airs Mondays – Thursdays on Nine


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