Big Brother Nominations reveal a surprise

Big Brother Nominations reveal a surprise

Last night the Housemates nominated and i was a little surprised.

In the end the table looked like this

Leo                  9 Points

Priya                9 Points

Travis              7 Points

Skye                6 Points

Cat                  5 Points

David               5 Points

Marina             5 Points

 There are a few surprises in the fact Lawson is still not up given his actions over the last few weeks. Priya’s nominattion also marks the first time a head of House has been nominated.

Call the numbers below to save your favourite Housemates:


Cat                  1902 55 9502

David               1902 55 9503

Priya                1902 55 9512

Skye                1902 55 9515

Travis              1902 55 9516 

Leo                  1902 55 9517

Marina             1902 55 9518



To save your favourite Housemate, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time.

 Big Brother airs Monday – Thursday on Nine


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