Nazeem farewells the jungle

Funny man Nazeem Hussain became the 11th celebrity to leave the jungle last night 

Around camp, Nazeem was a jovial character who kept his jungle campmates buoyed with his infectious personality and positive attitude.

Nazeem was equally at home hanging out with both the women and the men in camp. From working out with Dane Swan and Kris Smith, to participating in Lisa Curry’s Crochet Club and singing along with Casey Donovan, Nazeem was happily involved in all aspects of camp life.

After taking part in 15 Tucker Trials, Nazeem continuously entertained as he gagged, dry retched and laughed his way through every challenge. The Eat It Or Wear It trial that he completed with Tom Arnold perfectly displayed his gag reflex and hilarious battle of mind over matter

Nazeem had some challenging conversations with Tom and Tziporah Malkah in camp and his views on the Muslim community in Australia were powerfully conveyed in his Jungle Radio segment with Steve Price

When Nazeem was challenged to invade the personal space of his fellow campmates, in the hope of swapping out his luxury item for a game of Twister, he provided many laughs as he tackled the challenge head on.

His mission was successful when he managed to annoy the entire camp, talking to Lisa while she was on the toilet, trying to put shaving cream on Steve and attempting to wipe face paint off Tegan Martin, prompting her to question if he was trying to kiss her.

Nazeem formed strong friendships with Steve and Dane and provided endless laughs for the camp. With Nazeem eliminated, the campmates will certainly miss their happy jungle camper.

Casey Donovan, Dane Swan or Natalie Bassingthwaighte will be crowned winner tonight